Western Exhibitionists

IRON Performance Video Exhibition 

John A. Day Gallery, CFA 

University of South Dakota 

Vermillion, South Dakota 


October 4-9, 2021 


Tamsie Ringler, Richard Stewart, Bret Daniel, Kurt Brashears, Sparkles, the Clown (AKA Stephen Phen Edwards), Jesse Blumenthal, Taylor Browning, Araan Schmidt, Coral Penelope Lambert, Toby Flores, Matt Toole in collaboration with Mick Wilkins & James Hayes/IronR2, George Beasley & Matt Toole in collaboration with Eden Jolly & Page Burch, Kelly Ludeking, Katie Hovencamp, Holli Gilvaie, Kirsten Tordella-Williams & Jenny Hillenbrand, Jenny K Hager & D. Lance Vickery, Allen Peterson, Andrew Marsh, Scottie Burgess, Rian Kerrane, Noah Kirby, Chris Meyer, David Lobdell

Special Feature – Barry Bailey

Thank you to the artists who shared their iron performance video with the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance for this exhibition at the John A. Day Gallery, University of South Dakota in Vermillion. Western Exhibitionists ceremonially marks the 2021 dates of the second postponement of the WCCIA biennial conference. For the Western, it is an important act. In curating this rich medley and extravaganza, we show our resilience, celebrate our creativity and community, and make ourselves visible and loud at this oppressive moment in history.

The artists named here are the tip of the iceberg. No iron caster acts alone. Thank you ALL for contributing your work to this video exhibition celebrating iron casting and performance. The process of working with molten metal involves a cadre of like-minded folks. We like to wear leathers and hardhats and achieve durational feats like no one else I know. I find it curious that we are not so concerned about the recording of these monumental dramatic moments. Rather, we want to be there and in the moment. We are a happy bunch!

A sincere thank you to Amy Fill, Director, University Art Galleries, USD for hosting this exhibition.

The exhibition couldn’t have happened without Scottie Burgess’ masterful editing prowess.

David Anderson’s Western Cast Iron Conference 2018 Granite City is featured here.

We look forward to screening the compiled Western Exhibitionist footage in October 2022 when Chris Meyer at USD hosts the 7th Western Cast Iron Art Conference, Passion and Performance. See you there!


Rian Kerrane, Professor, University of Colorado Denver




Noah Kirby

Gas Station Burrito

Videographer: Toby Flores

Duration: 0.04 min

Noah Kirby

Gas Station Burrito

Videographer: Toby Flores

Duration: 0.04 min

Richard Stewart and Bret Daniel

A urologist


Duration 0.51 min

Video credit: Dave Arnold

Richard Stewart and Bret Daniel

Iron Pis

Duration 0.51 min

Video credit: Emily Baker

Richard Stewart and Bret Daniel

Gates of Hephaestus

Duration 0.51 min

Video credit: @colormedivine

Richard Stewart and Bret Daniel


Proto TIKI

Video credit: Rich Stewart 

Richard Stewart

Large Mold Fail, Fallbrook, CA

Duration 3.33 min

Video credit: Unknown

Richard Stewart


Rich Stewart 

Duration 0.49 min

Kurt Breshears


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Duration 2.26min

Sparkles the Clown

Phen Wheel, Ox Pecker Ball, Denver with CU Denver Sculpture

Duration: 3.00 min

Jesse Blumenthal


Third Rail

Jesse Blumenthal and Taylor Browning


2019 Ore Line

Jesse Blumenthal and Araan Schmidt


Tamsie Ringler


The River Lee Project IRON-R 2018, Ireland           

Video by Lar O’Toole

Duration 8.35 min

Coral Penelope Lambert


Starry Starry Night         

A short excerpt of the Star Factory at Dawn, Saelm Art Works, NY 2019

Sound by Paul Higham

Duration 1.17 min

Coral Penelope Lambert

Ferrous Bloom               

National Casting Center Foundry, Alfred, NY

Sound by Paul Higham

Duration 5:54 min

Coral Penelope Lambert

Flowers of Elysium         

Berlin 2018

Sound by Phillipe Wozinak

Duration 4.30 min

Coral Penelope Lambert

Volcano Furnace          

ICCCIA 7 at Pedvale Sculpture Park, Lativia 2014

Video edited by Jenny Hager

Duration 1:17 min

Matt Toole


Instagram: Toole_Sculpture_Works.com

Matt Toole in in collaboration with Mick Wilkins & James Hayes IRON R2

Meitheal na Ahabann: A Collective Gathering at the River, Ireland


Duration: 5.23 min

George Beasley and Matt Toole in collaboration with Eden Jolly and Page Burch

Meitheamah: Midsummer Transfer at Pedvāle’ Latvia


Duration: 4.52 min

Matt Toole in in collaboration with Eden Jolly, Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

6th ICCCIA, Wales 2010



Kelly Ludeking



Duration 2.53 min

Kelly Ludeking

Vapo Mold                   

Duration 1.07 min 

Kelly Ludeking

Small Vapo Mold          

Duration 0.37 min 

David Lobdell

Message Furnace

Duration 0.27 min

Chris Meyer

Exhausted- Sounds

Video Credits: Natalie Higgason, Rachel Robinson,

Reanna Schultz and Jordan Eaton.

Chris Meyer

Little Pour on the Prairie

Video Credits: University of South Dakota

Duration 3.26

Katie Hovencamp



Duration 0.58 min

Katie Hovencamp

Self Destruct

Duration 0.36 min

Holli Gilvaie


CU Denver Iron Pour 2013

Duration 1.32 min

Kirsten Tordella-Williams & Jenny Hillenbvrand


Harder Barter Market, 8th ICCCIA, Scranton PA 2018

Video duration: 2.27min

Jenny K Hager and D. Lance Vickery


Iron Wedding Performance– ICCCIA 8 [Scranton, PA]

Duration 0.21min

Video by Michael Melisky

Cast/Crew Wedding Couple: Nicole Bovasso & Nik James Wedding Party:

Jenny K. Hager, Julie Chabrian, Shelia Goloborotko, Cynthia Hnadel, Allen Peterson, Susanne Roewer, Andrew Smith and D. Lance Vickery.

Additional Crew: Maggie Bevis, Gillian Harper, Mary Ratcliff, Dylan Staley and UNF Sculpture Students.

Allen Peterson


Crosspollination Fields, 2016.

Duration 3.47 min

Performance art led by Allen Peterson on 08 May 2016 at the opening reception for Sculpture Fields at Montague Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Allen Peterson

Wedding Music Box, from the performance piece “Iron Wedding” 8th ICCCIA.

Duration 2.41 min

Andrew Marsh


Cast Down

Duration 10.25 min

A film by Feral Fagiola and Andrew Marsh, (C) 2021

featuring Ariana Berman, Jacob Chrzan, Katie Gabbard, Gerry Masse, and Jim Wade performed and filmed at BLDG 15 Studios, Louisville, KY

Insta: @lucky.7arts, @feral_kitty, @arianainfectart, @chrzan.art, @kgabbard18, @massegerry, @jawadejr

Full credits and description are available at the link. 

Rian Kerrane


House Home, Performance on the Prairie

Western Cast Iron Art Alliance Conference Hays, Kansas, 2012

Videographer: Erick Garcia

Duration 2.32 min

Rian Kerrane

Branding Iron Graffiti Project (or the Housewife at the Ironing Board)

IRON 50, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, 2019

Video: Austin ‘Stin’ Kedrowski


Duration 0.54 min

Rian Kerrane

Iron pour CU Denver “news story”

Duration 1.35 min

Toby Flores


Tobias Flores

Dashuhua (Toby) at Iron Tribe

Video: Louisa Gallegos Padilla

Duration 0.30 min

Tobias Flores

Donut Punch Noah Kirby

Video: Tobias Flores

Duration 0.10 min

Barry Bailey

3 still images

Furnace Performances I,II,III